Pien van Grinsven makes films, often about things you can’t see like an absent father or hormones. She likes making invisible things for the everyday eye, appear on screen.

Pien van Grinsven was born in the south of Holland, in a city very close to the Belgian border. She studied political science in Amsterdam and worked as a documentary researcher before being accepted into the Doc Nomads documentary directing master, which took her to Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels, making a short film in each city.

Her graduation film ‘doei’ was screened in festivals worldwide and was selected to the Cinetree film library.  Her work mixes true with false and shows where they are the same. She thinks telling stories can make us feel less alone and finds writing about yourself in third person a strange and funny thing to do. Pien has proudly be selected by Next Talent Program of 2024. Click here if you want to read more.