playgrounds 2016 | ARTIST TALK

Petpunk is a creative collaboration between an artistic duo Ofgediminas šiaulys (Ged Sia) & Andrius Kirvela and producer Migle Pelakauske.

The artists’ primary areas of interest lie in animation and tactile crafts. Their creative goal is to produce authentic work that is visually and aesthetically challenging, yet peculiarly subtle. PetPunk tend to explore, experiment and play with conventional subjects. Their clients include Sprite, MTV, Vodafone, Nike, McDonald’s, Computer Arts, Visual Editions, Cultures France and IMEPO institutions.


PetPunk has gained recognition by the most important graphic design magazines, becoming a synonym for the new design generation from Eastern Europe. Andrius Kirvela and Gediminas Šiaulys (Ged Sia) were the first Lithuanians to win the Young Guns prize by the Art Directors Club in New York. PetPunk also won a European Design Award for their motion graphics for MAGNIFICENT TOWN OF VILNIUS and a Golden Stage Cross Award for their addition in the theatre play DADDY’S TALE.