filmmaker en screenwriter

Nina Noël Raaijmakers is a body horror filmmaker who is captivated by the human body: our fleshy shell, a gateway to pleasure and pain. By intertwining social issues such as feminism and female body integrity in her fictional worlds, she tries to put her finger on society's sore, inflamed spots. Nina is one of the NEXT talents this year!

Nina confronts society by putting the view er in the shoes of raw and resilient female characters. Real horror heroines, full of strength, but with imperfections. People of flesh and blood.

With her films she embraces her favorite genre, horror, with both armes. Nevertheless, Nina leave its clichés aside. Indeed, body horror is no padding for the lack of plot or message.

Despite its violent nature, her films are not gory piles of exploitation films; in reality, underneath the horror are gripping stories with a human character.