playgrounds 2014 | ARTIST TALK

Nexus is an independent animation studio based in London, with a worldwide reputation for creative storytelling across a range of media.

Their work includes an Oscar nominated short, Grammy nominated and MTV Award winning music videos, and Cannes Grand Prix, Gold Lion, and Black D&AD pencil winning commercials. Nexus dedicates itself to the development of unique voices in filmmaking, with a roster of directing talent working with multi-disciplinary skills in animation, live-action and interactive media. Sharing the same high values for storytelling and design as Nexus, Interactive Arts integrates technology as an exciting and powerful partner to create engaging interactive experiences. Bringing the technical, logistical and production support to some of the most exciting digital artists and creative coders working today, their focus is interactive storytelling; beautifully responsive environments that people can engage with and explore, to tell a new kind of story.