visual artist and author

Narjes Mohammadi is a visual artist and author working in animation and picture book illustration.


Storytelling and attending to details are underlying themes throughout Narjes’s practice. 

Her journey in the art world began in Iran, where she illustrated several books. Her critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into several languages and sold thousands of copies worldwide. Her book (What a Brilliant Idea!) for example was selected and awarded at several illustration festivals such as White Raven, COW and Hiiibrand illustration prize. It was also selected as one of the best books by the Victoria Government in Australia in 2021. 

Then she moved to the Netherlands where she studied animation and continued her journey as an animation director and motion designer. Her animation, Hi! was selected for over forty festivals worldwide including Kaboom, Cinanima, Animatic, Taafi, Cinekid, and Netherlands Film Festival. 

Narjes believes in the transformative power of narratives especially for children. She believes Children’s books and animations can transcend boundaries, foster empathy, and ignite the imagination. That’s why she is determined to use her knowledge, and skills and loves to create fun and creative books and animations for children to spread joy, hope, and happiness in the world.  

Narjes is a Netherlands-based artist. Currently, she is working on her new book and animation. In 2024 she was selected for the Playgrounds Next Talent Program. Click here if you want to read more.