director, animator, illustrator and cartoonist

An unconventional filmmaker mixing genres and formats, Lorenzo Fonda captures his audiences with his unexpected visual combinations and innovative ways of telling stories. He has collaborated with clients such as Meta, Nike, National Geographic, MTV, Google X, The New Yorker. His works range from films, ads and music videos (live-action and animated!) all the way to illustrations, murals and comic books.

Lorenzo Fonda is an Italian multi-media artist and filmmaker based in Italy and the US. At a young age, he started skateboarding and was thus introduced to an eye-opening new world of visual styles, music, cultures, and DIY ideas. In line with this attitude, he self-taught himself illustration, animation and filmmaking, also dabbling in the field of interactive websites and installations.

In 2015 he received the one-year prestigious FABRICA scholarship, where he met like-minded artists from all over the world and started focusing on video making. After that experience, he started collaborating with Italian mural artist and animator BLU, which resulted in the feature-length documentary Megunica. During the shooting of the film, Lorenzo and BLU created the wall-painting stop-motion technique, which BLU then took to another level with his groundbreaking animated short film Muto.

The success of Megunica took Lorenzo to United States, where he steadily lived for about 11 years. During that time he directed commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries, and worked on several special projects with illustrations, comics, and murals.

Bands he directed videos for include Metronomy, Caribou, Scissor Sisters, Bright Eyes, Jamie Woon.

Based on his recent foray into VR and 3D, in 2019 he was tapped by filmmaker Rodney Ascher to be director of animation for his new documentary A Glitch in the Matrix, which went on to be officially selected for Sundance Film Festival 2021. His current pet project, now in late post-production, is a documentary about a skateboarding session on one of the largest modern sculptures in the world.