character designer

Character designer Jeremy Hoffman has been a Playgrounds supporter for some time, always dropping in a sketch during our events, capturing a moment, making visual recaps of his favorite artists and talks. Through his consistent reaching out we couldn't but be amazed at his development as an artist all the way to the amazing success and following he now enjoys.

Jeremy Hoffman started to experiment with drawing from an early age, especially as his mother was an artist herself. Very quickly he gravitated towards character design, but a set of disappointments coming from art school make him turn towards graphic design. Despite working at a gaming company as an all-around artist for different environments, in his late thirties he decided to change things for himself and go back to character design. And once he picked it up, he started to “live again”. 

“At a certain point I started to miss certain creativity.” he says in our Playgrounds TV in-depth interview. “I knew that I missed creating characters. Because that was the thing that I loved to do when I was a small kid. And then I said to myself: ‘Man, you need to stop whining. You need to change things. You’re still young!’. I was 40 at that moment. This is the moment to start. To make that switch. And then I started to dedicate myself in my spare time to practicing. Only focusing on character design. Stepping back to the roots. Stepping back to the beginnings. Being humble in what I needed to learn. Admitting that I was missing skills. And that’s where this journey started as a character designer.”