playgrounds blend 2018 | DUTCH PREMIERE FINITY CALLING

We're super honored that we can announce the Dutch premiere of the stop motion animation Finity Calling by Jasper Kuipers at Playgrounds Blend.

Finity Calling – Jasper Kuipers (2018)
Dutch premiere – stop motion animation

An endless void stretches out behind the windows of a large room. Only windows, no doors. It’s empty except for five people sitting at a table that seats six. Their withered bodies adorned with lush fabrics and jewellery, they spend eternity playing with their food. A charged silence fills the air. Any violation of the strict social rules is immediately suppressed by the others. When the fragile equilibrium in the group is finally broken by the boy’s constant pestering, things start spiralling out of control. His mother tries her best to protect both him and herself from the consequences but playing this double role comes at a high price.

Born in Eindhoven the Netherlands in 1985 as the child of two ceramists Jasper Kuipers was brought up with an overabundance of materials to play with. From an early age he became fascinated by clay and drawing; fascinations that persist to the present day. After graduating from the animation department at the art academy AKV| St. Joost in Breda, Kuipers started his practice as freelance director | animator. From his studio space in Breda he has worked on a diverse range of commissioned projects spanning from educational films and music video’s to installations and video projections for theatre. He worked for Museum Micropia in Amsterdam, exhibition designers Kossmanndejong and Submarine. Besides his commissioned work he has continued to work on independent films in various traditional techniques like Claymation, drawn animation and stop motion with puppets.

His work is incredibly detailed in texture, design and set dressing. His stories have a historical feel to it but also play with room, void and space. As a viewer you dive into his worlds and identify with his characters.