painter and mural artist

Jamel Armand is considered as one of the most exciting and energising artists and painters in The Netherlands, with his colourful and intriguing artwork being applauded by galleries, interior designers, art lovers and creative spirits. Having reached mainstream audiences through his collaboration with DI-RECT, among others, Jamal has shown that in creating his art, music is indispensable. To get into the right flow, this can be anything (from Bach to rock). In his studio, his graphic portraits and symbols come to life with the right emotion and music. Basically the world is his canvas.

He graduated from the Cartoon School in Amsterdam (2004) and photography school in Rotterdam (2010). As a visual artist, Jamel has a broad orientation. He is also intertwined with the national music scene for which he creates music videos as a videographer and art animator for all leading labels and artists such as Lil Kleine, Blöf, Douwe Bob, Jamai among others.

“As long as I can remember I have always thought more in images than words. I apply this when I direct music videos and translate the sound into visual concepts. It is no different when making my paintings. I use the repetition of music and sound to appeal to my subconscious. It serves as an impulse to get into a flow. I experience my style as raw, unpredictable and naive. Think about how our first cave drawings served as language before we used words. That principle appeals to my imagination. I am inspired by the entire visual history that we have traveled as humans.”

Jamel Armand’s paintings are an ode to the purity and aesthetics of forgotten civilizations. In his own way, his paintings capture the souls of indigenous peoples with love and dedication. Jamel feels a deep connection to his Indonesian heritage and the tribes he could have belonged to in a past life. He honors them by painting their portraits. He shows the beauty and pride that they have always managed to keep despite their suffering.

Very exciting are also his online presences where he makes spectacular compositions of his works, often using himself or his family members as elements in the setting. The artworks thus gain a second layer, his body’s pose, looks and vibes complimenting and highlighting visual elements from the paintings or murals.