playgrounds 2012 | PERFORMANCE

Huoratron is the brainchild of electronic music producer Aku Raski who started it as a musical project in 2002 and then adopted the name himself. Huoratron is in his own world, composing deep, hard, techno beats that are loved by both heavy metal fans and punk kids. 

His high-energy sound can only be rivaled by the energy of the crowd. Huoratron learned his trade when he began dissecting the sounds from Gameboys and transforming them into a sound no one has laid their ears on. Although he’s no longer using Gameboys to craft his sound, Huoratron produces the kind of music that makes people purge their inner feelings to become one with the sound. His album doesn’t fall short of that description. ‘Cryptocracy’ will have you wanting to thank the mad scientist himself.