playgrounds 2012 | ARTIST TALK

Not too long after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, designer and director Henry Hobson created a series of commercials for the BBC that got him on the radar of Prologue, Kyle Cooper's studio. 

Hobson was ‘snapped up and transported out to L.A.’ where he worked as a creative director and graphic designer on a series of distinctive title sequences that combined old school analogue handiwork with cutting-edge digital techniques, including Rango, The Walking Dead, Robin Hood, Fright Night and Sherlock Holmes. In 2010 Hobson left Prologue to pursue other creative avenues with a live action emphasis. He directed a viral teaser for Resistance 3, and lately titles for Snow White and The Huntsman. Hobson is currently busy working on prepping his first two feature film directing projects: Maggie, a tough emotional zombie drama, and Caves of Steel, a sci-fi film at Fox based on a book by Isaac Asimov.