character designer, illustrator

When she's not working as a world-class character designer and illustrator, Félicie Haymoz lives in Switzerland, forages for mushrooms and sings to cows. When she is working however, she likes to enchant us all with her adorable characters. No wonder they end up featured in films like Isle of the Dogs, Yetili, The Zoo, Max & Co. and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, to name a few.

She took her first steps as a character designer on the animated feature Max&Co, followed by Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, for which she was the lead character designer and tasked with turning Hollywood A-Listers into lovable furry animals. She then enjoyed designing the charming Japanese characters of Wes Anderson’s second animation film, Isle of Dogs.

In recent years she has been involved in various commercial and feature development projects, creating a wide variety of characters and concept art for stop-­motion­, digital 3d­ and cut­out animation productions. She has collaborated among others with Passion Pictures, Hornet, Warner Bros, Blinkink, Kairos Magazine, Nexus and Submarine.


Her illustrations have been used in magazines and for album artwork by bands such as The Tellers, Girls in Hawaii. She also directed Je Maudis Ma Nuit, a a dreamy black and white film, a mix of live action and stop motion animation. love story featuring a lonely lighthouse keeper, shot on 16mm film.

Back in 2012 we had the pleasure of meeting her in Tilburg for Playgrounds 2012 where she told us all about her first steps on Max&Co in Switzerland, about the time when she moved to London to design the characters of Fantastic Mr.Fox and about the time she did character design for Aardman and Laika House.