playgrounds 2012 | ARTIST TALK

Working as a character designer and illustrator, Felicie Haymoz is currently living in Brussels (Belgium), Fribourg (Switzerland), and Brooklyn (USA). Basically, she is spending a lot of time on airplanes.

 So of course, it was no problem when we asked her to fly to Tilburg for Playgrounds to come tell all about her first steps on Max&Co in Switzerland. And about the time when she moved to London to design the characters of Fantastic Mr.Fox, directed by Wes Anderson. And about her first short film ‘Je Maudis Ma Nuit’, a dreamy black and white film, a mix of live action and stop motion animation. And about the time she did character design for Aardman and Laika House. Yes, we are very happy she is willing to step into that plane again, because we are very anxious to hear her stories.