Illustrator, painter and character designer

Fatemeh Haghnejad, also known as Bluebirdy, is an illustrator for books, painter and character designer. The Iranian artist based in Oslo, was inspired by her family to tell stories through art. She developed her skills and knowledge from a young age since her mother started to teach her about art. Fatemeh alternates traditional paintings with digital art capturing contemplating somehow dreamy characters. 

The influence of Fatemeh her mother was enormous. As a child, Fatemeh saw her mother painting endlessly which was very inspiring for her. Fatemeh loves to experiment with traditional materials and alternate this with digital paintings. She uses a bunch of media including acrylic, gouache, ink, and colored pencil. Fatemeh her inspiration comes from personal experiences like books, feelings and animations. She currently lives in Norway and when you take a look at her work you can tell that the Norwegian nature has it’s influence as well.

Currently Fatemeh is working on the book Fairies for French publisher Albin Michel. She has illustrated for multiple books and even has her own Youtube Channel where you can follow her process during painting and illustrating.