Dominik Mayer is an illustrator who focuses on dark fantasy art. He has a unique art style with vibrant colors, dynamic compositions combined with geometric shapes. Dominik works for clients worldwide, among them Wizards of the Coast, Axis Animation, Netflix, Blizzard, Tencent and Riot Games.

Dominik studied illustration and 3D animation. He worked as an in-house 3D/2D generalist, graphic designer, and concept artist in Hamburg and Munich before becoming a full-time freelance illustrator and art director for the game and movie industry.

Dominik gets inspired by history, science and the craziness of our world.  His passion is to explore new universes, worlds full of unique atmospheres, fascinating stories and breathtaking designs.

Aside of his work as an industry professional, he also works as an independent artist on his own projects which can be followed on his social media channels.