the art department eindhoven | ARTIST TALK

Founded in London in 1998, DNEG has grown to become one of the industry’s biggest success stories, bringing home the Oscar for Best VFX four times in the last five years. We are delighted they are talking for the first time in Europe about their work on the series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance at The Art Department Eindhoven.

DNEG was the sole VFX vendor on Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, delivering over 4200 shots across almost 2 years. This work encompassed the build of around 50 character and creature assets for hero and digi-double work as well as a vast array of Env Gen work ranging from castle interiors, villages and cities through to forests, deserts and caves.

Across every one of their global sites, DNEG expanded and augmented the world of Thra breathing new life, creatures and magic into this already richly textured and beautiful puppet universe.

Next to their work on The Dark Crystal you have seen their magic in Chernobyl, Dumbo, Avengers: Endgame to name a few.