playgrounds 2013 | ARTIST TALK

StudioKamp is the Berlin-based studio of David Kamp, specialized in sound design and music for animation. After studying computer music, audio engineering, analog and digital synthesis techniques, he graduated in Electronic Composition at ICEM / Folkwang University of the Arts (Germany).

David worked on several short films, commercials and installations for a wide range of studios, such as Studio AKA, Buck, Polynoid, Hush and Onesize, and directors such as Stefan Sagmeister, David O’Reilly, Max Hattler, Mato Atom, and Field among many others. David collects and plays countless acoustic and electronic instruments and various noisemaking devices, which might explain the diversity of his work. In the past years, the credits of countless screenings at Playgrounds featured the name of David Kamp. Now, finally, he’s here to present!