Their art inspires the fashion but it’s the fashion that funds their art. Therefore to purchasing a Cool Shit Cap helps them to realise a Cool Shit Project.

Working collectively since 2011 the goal has always been to make big, playful things of cultural impact and use design thinking in a way that truly engages people. Influenced by Shepard Fairey’s prolific use of public space with the “Obey Giant” campaign, the artists combine unique 3-dimensional pieces with large-scale production a la Jeff Koons but with an added interactive ingredient to create a fully immersive experience between audience and art.

COOL SHIT will do an artist talk at Playgrounds Blend.


COOL SHIT sells concepts and a lot of Cool Shit to a cross section of clients and sponsors including Adidas, HP and several International Music Festivals.

Thanks to a collaboration with Graphic Matters we’re able to bring Hungry Castle to the stage of Playgrounds Blend.


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