filmmaker, photographer, writer and self-portrait artist

Chiara Pastoor is a filmmaker, photographer, writer and self-portrait artist. She continuously plays with the mixture of surrealism, erotica and comedy, creating an almost recognisable reality. A non-judgemental safe haven for herself and her audience to escape into. Where vulnerability, shame and pleasure can exist freely.

In 2022 Chiara graduated from the art academy Willem de Kooning Academy with her first
short film ‘Directed by’. In this experimental film, Chiara takes agency of her body and sexuality and indulges in self-pleasure. Reclaiming the power as both the director and the woman in the image, therefore redefining self-portraiture within the notions of the male, female and internalised male gaze.

In the past year Chiara developed KOORTSDROOM, a surrealistic and dark photography series that showcases the way our dreams reveal our unspoken insecurities and the desires we’re ashamed of. In February 2024 Chiara premie red her second short film, titled: ‘De stilte vanuit zijn kant was zo luid dat ik dacht dat het drie bedden in mij bezet hield’, telling the story about two writers who fabricate an intimate relationship by writing (sexual) stories about each other.

Chiara Pastoor has proudly been selected for our Next Talent Program of 2024 and if you want to read more click here.