digital painter

There's a mesmerising mix of surreal and realistic elements in Ayran Oberto's portraits and designs, leaving the viewers with a strong and lasting impression. Little wonder he was commissioned to work with clients like Zombie Studio,  West Studio, Leo Sanchez Studio, Unit Image, Paizo, Cryptozoic, Salix Games, ShenDesignWorks and The Drawing Agency.

Ayran started working as a traditional portrait artist in various kinds of mediums. He later got into digital painting and was immediately incredibly successful. He now considers it a “safe place” to keep pushing his interests about the mysticism of life itself.

Ayran Oberto is a Venezuelan digital painter currently living in Madrid, interested in surreal dark portraits. He currently works for advertising, video-games, and films.

For The Art Department | World Tour he will do a demo of constructing a portrait while he talks about his working process, his journey and the creative industry in South-America.