playgrounds blend 2018 | PERFORMANCE

Aszyk is a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring new areas of moving image and sound, especially the area in the middle where they meet. Perfect for Playgrounds Blend, we thought!

ASZYK is an audio-visual artist based in London with nearly a decade’s worth of experience in design, illustration, animation and music. His latest show ‘Floral Intensities’ is the distilling of all these professions into a unique, botanical AV performance.
With skills as a VJ (visual-jockey) ASZYK has performed in places as far reaching as Taipei and Sydney, as well as having performed here in the UK at festivals such as Creamfields, live on TV for Channel 4’s House Party (alongside the legendary Soul II Soul no less) and having created a huge projection mapped intro piece for Google’s Polymer summit at Tobacco Dock. It’s this lust for live performance that led to building a full audiovisual experience from scratch – allowing him to create something that works in perfect harmony from the sound to the visuals, directed and crafted entirely by himself.

Inspired by an array of organic forms mixed with geometric patterns, Floral Intensities is an AV performance like no other. Crafting elements of the show in virtual reality before being rendered out with stunning detail, ASZYK utilises the latest technologies to construct a living, breathing audio-visual experience that will stimulate your senses.

Featuring original music composed and performed live by ASZYK, the mesmerising visuals are synced up to the sounds to create an unforgettable and beautiful synaesthesia-like experience. Purposely crafting a style that goes against the grain, a response to the flux of tech-heavy, glitched-up, macho-robot visuals; ASZYK’s scenes instead take inspiration from the natural world.

Floral Intensities premiered at the OXO Bargehouse as part of Tribe Festival 2017, hosted by, a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work to a wide audience over 4 days.