Development artist and matte painter, art supervisor @ Fortiche

Anne-Laure To has been working for 15 years as a visual development artist and matte painter for feature films, 3D and 2D animated movies, animated series and advertisement. She currently works for the French creative, animation and production company Fortiche.

As an art supervisor at Fortiche with at least 15 years of experience, Anne-Laure is an expert within her discipline. In the years before Fortiche she graduated from the 2D animation school Les Gobelins and visual art school Estiennes in Paris. Anne-Laure pursues a career in animation but has also worked on movies like ‘Carnage’ from Roman Polanski.

Anne-Laure her touch can be found in various Arcane episodes as she worked on the color script and color keys. Next to Arcane, Anne-Laure made multiple matte paintings for the Rise music video from League of Legends. Some more animation films that can be added to her resume are the film Sahara, 108 Rois-Démond and Binky Nelson Unpacified.