12 January 2021

Arca - Nonbinary, directed by Frederik Heyman

an eclectic, thought-provoking and unconventional Marvid pick

Partially prompted by self exploration, the pushing of boundaries both physical and conceptual spiced up by an incredible creativity, all music videos released by Arca in 2020 are extremely innovative and cutting edge. But it was her collaboration with visual artist Frederik Heyman which produced the most spectacular and mind-boggling result. And, if it skipped your radar last year, our editor Maria Dicieanu, with her latest pick for The Marvids series, wants to make sure you have a look at it nonetheless.

Maria: “Nonbinary is one of those audio-visual explorations posing more questions than actually answering. By creating a futuristic version of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, the promo not only brings forward the idea of an artificial birth but it actually makes us question our own positioning on the subject.The choice to have the lyrics also part of the image, confronts us with the songs’ theme and message. At times, perhaps also with its violent bluntness. It’s not the most comfortable viewing experience but it’s definitely an incredibly memorable one. And despite the cyborgs and robotic arms, it feels quite an intimate exploration. I also particularly enjoy how all elements get together. With his installation Frederik Heyman definitely creates a beautiful narrative. I think both him and Arca manage to highlight the best in one another, creating a show-stopper collaboration.”

Frederik Heyman‘s work is a balancing act incorporating multiple media. Heyman’s various background is clearly visible in the working process. He likes to approach his world from the same point, but the outcome can vary in a totally different mix going from video, installations and photography,  preferably in a digital altered environment. In each image every element and action are carefully designed and defined in advance.This reflects in his commissioned works as well in his personal, more eclectic oeuvre.

Music videos are still very much alive and kicking as a genre where cutting edge creativity happens. And this is exactly why with this series, curated by Maria Dicieanu, we’re focusing on the absolute must sees artistic gems of music video origins. Whether linear, VR or interactive, The Marvids (short for Maria’s Marvelous Videos) aim to show-case why promos are still holders of unique aesthetic with their own particular beauty and artistry.