The Art Department focusses character design, concept art, background visuals, character building, robotics, props: every single detail a crew has to think of and decide upon before they can actually start making the film or game. For two days we immersed ourselves in the magic of visual storytelling and welcome world’s leading and inspirational artists and designers to join us in this hybrid experiment. Three livestreams. Two digital ones and one physical one with us in the Dutch capital of design: Eindhoven.

This playlist includes:
1. Interview with Deane Taylor (41 min.)
2. Artist talk with Shaun Tan (44 min.)
3. Interview with Cécile Carre (47 min.)
4. Panel: ‘Online Presence: getting connected to the industry’ (40 min.)
5. Artist talk by Ralph Palmer (44 min.)
6. Panel: ‘Working from home: achieving stability and discipline’ (41 min.)
7. Artist talk by Even Mehl Amundsen (36 min.)
8. Artist talk by Izzy Burton (49 min.)
9. Procreate demo by Beatrice Blue (44 min.)
10. Talk + panel ‘Mental Health in the creative industry (48 min.)
11. Artist talk by Brittany Myers (48 min.)
12. Artist talk + demo by Iris Compiet (44 min.)
13. Paint-over by Leon Tukker (19 min.)
14. Interview with Karakter (38 min.)
15. Artist talk by Steven Cormann (39 min.)
16. Artist talk by Bram Sels (39 min.)
17. Panel: ‘Revisioned: Creative Education’ (32 min.)
18. Paint-over by Bram Sels (20 min.)
19. Procreate demo by Angela Sung (37 min.)
20. Procreate demo by Nikolai Lockertsen (45 min.)
21. Artist talk by Vera van Wolferen (30 min.)
22. Procreate demo by Pauline Voß (31 min.)
23. Artist talk by Salon Alpin (43 min.)
24. Artist talk by Colorbleed (36 min.)
25. Panel ‘Radical change of the creative landscape’ (34 min.)

Included artists