31 May 2022


slowly but steadily wrapping things up!

We’re still reminiscing over all the beautiful moments that happened in the past weeks. We cannot say this enough… THANK YOU for joining us! What a blast!

Hitting the ‘rewind’ button and heading right to where it all started. The bold and beautiful The Art Department visual identity rebrand created by BUCK set the tone and prompted us to push ourselves. The campaign even caught the eyes of It’s Nice That and was featured in a piece we urge you take the time and properly read.

So it was only natural they would go full circle and end their campaign with the festival titles. Adding a little bit of Antfood magic in the (sound)mix, BUCK’s work celebrated the craft of design while also acknowledging the endeavours of creating “that perfect shape”.

With such a tone set, the festival in both Eindhoven and Berlin could only be magical. Some said they had a special ‘vibe’… others referred to their having had a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ similar to what you experience when ‘family’ gets together after a long absence. Lifting the hearts… making everybody cheerful… it’s really difficult to describe in words what happened during #TADEindhoven and #TADBerlin.

Thankfully, we had Jochem de Vet with us, capturing some of these wonderful experiences! See the aftermovie below.

And now one thing’s crystal clear: WE CAN’T WAIT for 2023!

?So save de date(s):
✨20+21 April 2023, Eindhoven
✨13+14 May 2023, Berlin