22 July 2022


a surreal and colorful eye candy tip

Enjoy a surreal blast of colors with the latest Eye Candy pick of our editor Laura Zoon! Meet illustrator and animator Raman Djafari whose 2D and 3D works will surely put a spin on your imagination and leave you  longing for more.

Laura: “Raman Djafari is an illustrator and animator who creates surreal but familiar worlds, using smooth transitions and an amazing combination of 2D and 3D animation. When looking around for new music to listen to, I stumbled across the music video for the song Pamphlets Djafari made for Squid. Immediately I was mesmerized by the video and how the surrealistic style works with the music. It made me look up more of Djafari’s works.

Using a mix of 2D and 3D animation he creates this unique style which is recognizable throughout all of his projects. His work is surrealistic but still has a familiar feeling.

This might have to do with the way he renders his 3D animations, using clay-like textures and imperfect models, giving the characters a puppet or stop-motion-like look.

If you want to dive more into colourful, alternative realities, make sure you keep an eye on this artist. “

Raman Djafari has directed multiple music videos for different artists such as Elton John and Dua Lipa, next to working for clients like Adult Swim and The New Yorker. His animations have been chosen multiple times as a Vimeo Staff Pick as well as being screened across different animation festivals. Raman is based in Hamburg, Germany where he also teaches animation and illustration.