A trade-mark for our events already, portfolio reviews are back! These sessions will be held on all Blend days: 4, 5 and 8 April. You can apply for a time slot at the venue where the exact schedule will be available for you. Time slots consists of 15 minutes, so be prepared!! Full = full.

Location of portfolio reviews in Breda: our cool Portfolio Review Bus outside of the skatepark.

Location of portfolio reviews in Amsterdam: Portfolio Review Area, 1st floor, just follow the signs or ask us!

We can announce portfolio reviews will be held by amongst others Hedof, Studio Dumbar, Patrick O’Keefe, BUCK, CLEVER FRANKE, Nikita Diakur, Åsa Lucander, MediaMonks, Jim Stoten, Guerrilla Games, Colorbleed, Anikey Animation and Shop Around.

Time schedule is online now. Tentative program – all rights reserved.