5 July 2021


a whimsical eye candy tip coming from one of our guest editors

Some time ago we have promised you to mix our regular Playgrounds Eye Candy features, with some submitted by guest editors. It’s now time to explore another such tip, brought to us by visual artist Conform Cox. She introduces us to the whimsical world of Floor Rieder.

Conform Cox: “Ever since I have discovered her images in the book ‘The mystery of life’ by Jan Paul Schutten, I’ve been following Floor Rieder. The book is a children’s book about the science of evolution, but I still read it every now and then. I think her images made the complex theories approached, more accessible and understandable. And through their beauty, they also prompt readers to explore more. I think she really made a step forward for creating scientific imagery and set a trend for other information translators.

Crafts have been a big parts of my interests for a long time. Floor Rieder uses the imperfection of analogue drawing to make perfection. I love to see skills and patience in the work of an artist. I can lose myself in her drawings, looking at all the details. She makes very clever choices and her images add on value educational-wise. One wish that I have: I would love to see more of her drawings animated.”

Floor Rieder works in Amsterdam as a freelance illustrator for a great variety of national and international clients. She draws everything by hand and finishes all her work digitally.

Conform Cox (by her real name Cox Janssens) is a digital artist. She calls herself a critical thinker, considering her main practice to be clarifying and visualizing difficult topics. She was educated as designer, worked in textile, podcast and graphic design, but specialised in illustration and, since 2020, animation. In those fields her interests of storytelling and making information accessible are combined.