Telling Stories - Film Industry Day

Playgrounds participates in Telling Stories: Film Industry Day 2023. On Friday 3 March film professionals and students gather at Natlab to learn, be inspired and connect!

3 March 2023
Entrance fee
Early Bird ticket: €17,50 (regular price: €25)
This year’s Industry Day focuses once again on the changing film landscape, where boundaries between disciplines are blurring and the line between fact and fiction is at the cutting edge.

Discover how fictional elements are being used in non-fiction and how traditional forms of storytelling and style are increasingly merging across disciplines, creating hybrid forms of storytelling.

Together, the organizing partners are developing a cool, deliciously diverse program that will be of interest to a broad group of film and AV makers, art school students and other professionals. We will announce the full program at the end of January. And parts of the program will also be in English, so our international community can also join.

Telling Stories is organized in collaboration with Natlab, Van Osch Films, 4DR Studios, KONKAV, Kunstloc Brabant and Playgrounds.
And is supported by the Netherlands Filmfund.