Expo Joop Bongaerts

Playgrounds proudly presents expo by the Breda-based artist Joop Bongaerts. When most children were busy playing soccer, Bongaerts used to draw day in, day out. He was only thirteen when he created his first sculpture. To this day, this fascination for sculpting, monsters in particular, is present in his projects.

1 April 2022 - 1 May 2022 (Event has ended)
Station Breda, public space, vitrines at the Belcrum site of the station
Entrance fee
Free entrance

In his work, Bongaerts strives towards a perfect realism, where the creatures seem to come alive right under one’s very eyes.The craftsmanship that Bongaerts show-cases in his work is often used in the film industry.

What we see on our streaming channels, in cinema or in a game is the end result of a long design process in which artists are in the search for the perfect images or characters.


This quest for the right imagery in the development of a movie or game, is the space where technical skills, craftsmanship and creativity come together.

Interested in more? On 21&22 April Playgrounds shows a diverse range of artists in Klokgebouw Eindhoven in The Art Department. Joop Bongaerts will do live sculpting and answer all your questions. Come to this free exhibition, visit the festival or dive into the film program and learn more about what’s behind creating films and games.