23 April 2021


a monochromal yet equally delicious playgrounds eye candy

We’re spicing things up in our Playgrounds Eye Candy series! Aside from our regular curators we are also inviting a series of young guest editors to show us works and artists inspiring them. This time we have invited visual artist Laura Zoon to pick an inspiration. She chose German based animator and illustrator Elenor Kopka

Laura “Ever since finding Elenor Kopka I’ve been mesmerised by the surreal universes she creates. By showing small parts of these universes she is able to evoke mystery, making you curious to see more. Normally I’m not someone who gets excited over characters, however, the mix between spooky and cute makes me fall in love with hers. It is inspiring to see how she brings life to vivid and expressive characters, even from the simplest forms. The way she uses facial expressions makes me feel like she can bring anything to life. Please check her out yourself, you won’t regret it!”

Elenor Kopka is a German based animator and illustrator, also working for games with Ghostbutter. Her mostly black and white grainy style is unique and instantly recognisable. Spooky cute blob-like characters populate her creative works, bringing life to a surreal world. In the game Penko Park, her latest creation with Ghostbutter, you can even spot these creatures yourself as you explore an abandoned wildlife park.

Laura Zoon is what she likes to call a creative centipede. This is reflected in the variety of media she uses to express her concepts: illustration, animation and interactive experiences. With an eye on the goal of the project she will search for which medium will be the best fit.