Carbon Roller Coaster is an interactive, multimedia experience that can be visited on Cinekid Play from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The experience tells the life story of a carbon atom, in the form of a conversation within a chatbot environment. The story unravels through various forms of interactions. The carbon atom sometimes sends the participant videos, sometimes audio messages, sometimes pictures, and sometimes questions.

It is the poetic life story of the carbon atom Carla, from living thousands of years in a mammoth fart in the ice of Antarctica, to the homeless journey with her fellow carbon atoms like tears across the oceans caused by climate change.

Designer and researcher Janna Ullrich wants to make complex, political topics accessible and open to discussion by telling stories in social, interactive forms. She playfully manages to present dystopian and utopian scenarios in her work.

The Carbon Rollercoaster is part of Cinekid Medialab and Cinekid Play and can be played online 31 October 2021.