A shoe is never just a shoe if Fons Schiedon has a say about it, but a visual spectacle of possibilities. His latest project with The Panics for Addidas is a true testament for this. Going further than just illustrating the innovative technologies Addidas uses when crafting their footwear, Fons uses blasts of colours and different animation techniques  for opening minds to new possibilities, even further.

From the creators: “To illustrate the range of models and approaches, we worked with diverse creative disciplines, running the full gamut from live-action, to 3D, to 2D and motion graphics. The challenge was to string these disparate elements together into one cohesive and stunning piece.”

No wonder the ad also caught the eyes of Motionographer.


Director: Fons Schiedon
Executive Producer: Ania Markham, Jules Tervoort
Producer: Kristian Stoykov
Shoot Producer: Liene Berina
Production Coordinator: Bruce Bigg, Androniki Nikolaou
Director of Photography: Hessel Waalewijn
Music composition & Sound Design: Antfood
VO Artist: Jennifer McKinley-van der Zee
VFX Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg
VFX Producer: Kristian Stoykov
Compositing Supervisors: Chris Staves, Guido Ekker
Senior VFX Artists: Tim van der Wiel, Doma Harkai, Jeroen Aerts, Dieuwer Feldbrugge
VFX Artists: Matteo Giorni, Davide Raymondo, Kim Taylor
2D Animation: Fons Schiedon, Birdo
2D Motion Design: Federica D’Urzo