playgrounds 2012 | ARTIST TALK

The Daniels are Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. They make music videos, adverts and short films. The duo is known for music videos for the bands FM Belfast, The Shins and Foster the People as well as the viral video, ‘Dogboarding’.

Kwan and Scheinert consider themselves interchangeable, which fits in with their mixture of live action and animation, and the sense of humor apparent in both their films and personae. Scheindert about The Hundreds in the Hands video ‘Pigeons’: “We have a reputation for being special effects guys, but we’re like an effects artist’s nightmare because we make things up as we go. While 3D animation is usually all about this mathematical precision of creating detailed drop-shadows and back reflections, we just wanted to see if we could make a girl throw up fireworks.” By the way, Kwan and Scheinert are also freelance babysitters and back-up dancers, so no excuse not to hire them.