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playgrounds 2016 | TALKSHOW

Serbian design duo Teyosh is a sight for sore eyes in the male dominated digital domain: a feisty girl gang of two bringing some much needed pop fun to digital aesthetics, with a clever twist. Focusing on our generation’s obsession with all things bright and shiny on digital screens, Teyosh creates cautionary tales to tell us about the emotional capacities of immersive technology, and our complete digital addiction.

In 2017 they will unveil two major projects: a digital personal coach for pep talks in virtual reality, and a massive interactive installation called ‘Attention Spam’, where the screens we worship every day break out of their frame to scream content at us. Their biggest mark on digital design in the past years was the Dictionary of Online Behavior, a series of digital animations showing us how we use/misuse digital technology in daily life in bright, neon color bliss, like a medical look book for the online generation. Teyosh worked for clients like Mtv, Nike, Random Studio and MOTI Museum. They have presented their work at festivals worldwide. Currently, you can check out their work (in collaboration with Geoffrey Lillemon) on MOTI V.R., a digital environment about visual culture and the new immersive museum of the future.