the art department 2020 | ARTIST TALK (online talk)

Few months back we were marvelling at his works thanks to a Playgrounds Eye Candy tip, picked by one of our editors. What an incredible opportunity to get to listen to Sylvain Marc's talk, live, on our virtual stage, during The Art Department 2020 the hybrid edition. Sylvain is a French production designer, illustrator and animation director based in London, with an over ten years' experience in the animation industry.

Sylvain Marc‘s practice ranges from Art direction and visual development to character design, direction, 2D/3D animation, storyboard, illustration, and comics. Currently a visdev and story artist at Netflix, he has worked with studios such as Pixar, Laika, BlueSky, Sony Pictures Animation, Locksmith, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Framestore, Psyop, Passion Pictures and Hornet, to name a few.

Aside from his commercial work, Sylvain has also very exciting personal projects. His rich, detailed and very illustrative aesthetic is beautifully showcased in his upcoming (and must-see!) production Popeye.

When he’s not doing art, you will find him gardening, planting trees, tending to his animals or building a ram pump to bring water up to the vegetable garden, on his little homestead.