independent animation studio

Longtime friends of Playgrounds Studio AKA have a track-record of diverse animation projects and films, with a team of directors and designers focussing on creating stories that stand out in storytelling and design, such as Philip Hunt and Manddy Wyckens.

Known internationally for their idiosyncratic and innovative work, expressed across an eclectic range of projects, they are a multi-BAFTA winning, multi-EMMY awarded and OSCAR-nominated independent animation studio.

STUDIO AKA’s work has carved them a reputation for creating diverse and captivating stories. They are internationally known for their eccentric and innovative work expressed in a diverse range of commercial and broadcast projects for clients like Lloyds TSB, BMW  Toyota and Johnnie Walker.

Their close-knit team includes directors, designers, animators, writers, technical artists, and producers who create and consult on projects with a strong emphasis on story, design, and character.

STUDIO AKA also produces amazing short films, like The BAFTA winning Lost and Found (an adaptation of the award-winning children’s book by Oliver Jeffers), the BAFTA winning & Cartoon D’Or-winning Jo Jo in the Stars – and the multi-Award winning Varmints.

They recently worked on the titles design for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, creating a short film for The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration as well as on Something out of Nothing, a commission for the Hepworth Wakefield.