Illustrator specialized in Norse Mythology Art

Milivoj Céran is a fantasy illustrator from Croatia and majored in painting during his time at The School of Applied Arts in Zagreb. He finished The Academy of Fine Arts soon after. Milivoj mainly works with traditional techniques and is specialized in fantasy art, medieval and myth genre. He is well known for Magic The Gathering art but also for his personal project: 'Norse Mythology art book'.

Milivoj has a traditional approach when it comes to illustration. Illustration, for him, is the discipline where every aspect of art comes together: drawing, perspective, anatomy, storytelling and the mixing of colors. These elements will stay relevant, no matter the age we live int, when it comes down to illustration. Among Milivoj his biggest influences are names like John Howe, Alan Lee and Brian Froud.



Part of Milivoj his clientele are Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Upper Deck Entertainment, Applibot, Sony Online Entertainment and many more.