director and animator

Michael Marczewski is a British freelance director and animator based in London. Since leaving world-renowned design studio ManvsMachine, Marczewski has gone on to carve out a name for himself creating films that mix sharp design and satisfying animation with his trademark dark humor. A mind used to blend and manipulate media fresh cutting edge narratives!

Comedy is the driving force behind Michael’s commercial projects and short films. Both which are often rendered in a colorful, sweet looking style that he often subverts with moments of violence whenever possible. Among his most mesmerizing works are also the ad for It’s Nice Th at x Adobe, the series of promos for Film4, the bouncy ITV2 rebrand idents as well as the Vicious Cycle short. The latest features a group of little autonomous robots performing a range of repetitive functions, driven by mechanical devices. As the mechanisms mercilessly start getting faster and faster, things take a turn for the worse for the helpless robots.

As well as creating short films, which have regularly been picked for Vimeo Staff picks, Michael also creates many series of short, punchy animations for Instagram.
In his Coexist series he creates short Instagram videos that place stock footage clips within a bizarre digital world of mutated zits, toy dinosaurs and accursed exercise machinery. Talking about project Michael said: “I’d like it to make people to think outside of the box. Ha ha, not really. I’d like people to enjoy it as an unusual idea and a fun concept of combining two media together. I was fascinated with how mundane some of the stock footage actually was and couldn’t imagine how it would ever be used, other than in a comic way. But also I thought extending the boundaries of the frame of the footage was a fun concept to play around with.”