the art department eindhoven & berlin | MAXON C4D INSTRUCTIONS

Artist Lars Scholten will give insights in Maxon C4D at The Art Department Eindhoven and Berlin.

Thursday 3 Oct
Rigging for Motion Graphics
Some clients have the craziest animationrequests, not limited by any knowledge of the scope of 3D software. These clients are the best clients, since their projects are the most exciting. They make you really think out of the box and push the envelope. In this presentation Lars will look at a few real-life motionmgraphics rigging scenario’s and setups.

Friday 4 Oct

What´s New in Cinema 4D Release 21

Cinema 4D Release 21, the newest generation of Maxon’s leading 3D software, offers numerous new workfl ow improvements and and features for VFX and motion graphics artists: the node-based material system is now available for ProRender, Nodes finally have a 3rd-Party API, MoGraph Fields now offer Field

Forces for impressive eye-candy effects and volumes can be rendered in ProRender. The all-new weighting algorithms provide a highly accurate auto-weighting in no time and the Character Builder now supports Mixamo rigs and the animation timeline is now incredibly fast. Windows gets HiDPI support and both Windows and Mac now have high-res support for the viewport. The Project Asset Inspector will now fi nd any fi le for you and the UV Gizmo is a huge helper when working with UVs. And there is way more in this year’s release. Lars’ presentation offers a great overview of the incredible and time-saving new features in Cinema 4D R21.