visual artist

Khattar Shaheen, born in 1993, is a visual artist whose creations transport audiences tounseen worlds. With roots in Syria and currently based in the Netherlands, Khattar’s work reflects a fusion of cultural influences and personal insights, driven by his academic background with degrees in Fine Arts from Damascus University and Animated & Illustrated Storytelling from St. Joost for Art & Design.

With unwavering dedication to his craft, Khattar explores various artistic domains, including illustration, comics, editorial work, painting, animation, and storytelling. As a skilled teacher, he shares his passion for drawing and painting with eager learners, emphasizing the authenticity and power of analog works.

Inspired by the vibrant tapestry of his homeland, Khattar embarked on a journey of artistic exploration, blending traditional techniques with innovative approaches to storytelling. His work, characterized by emotive depth and artistic brilliance, has earned acclaim and recognition, including awards for his animations and illustrations.

His creative journey continues to push the boundaries of visual expression, fostering empathy and understanding through his artwork. Khattar Shaheen has proudly been selected for our Next Talent Program of 2024. Click here if you want to read more.