animation director

Kevin Dart has worked on a wide range of animated projects for studios like Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe), Pixar (Inside Out), Disney (Big Hero 6), Google Spotlight Stories (Sonaria) and LAIKA (Paranorman) and is no stranger to Playgrounds. At the first edition of The Art Department in 2017 he mesmerized us all with an artist talk unlike any other. He took us on a incredible journey, making us question our relationship with colors and had us exploring his works in a whole new light. We're delighted he also joined us for our Berlin adventure of The Art Department in 2019.

He is also developing and producing new projects through his independent design and animation studio, Chromosphere.

Chromosphere is a visual & creative laboratory where Kevin explores the space between art and technology. Experimental animated films, interactive experiences, title sequences, you name it. Kevin provides exploratory and style-setting designs for animated and live-action projects, as well as direct short animations and commercials. With his team he has won 2 Emmy’s and 2 Annie Awards.