playgrounds 2013 | ARTIST TALK

We’re proud to have one of the pioneers of digital visual culture on board this year! Johnny Hardstaff is a director, designer and storyteller. Upon graduation (Graphic Design at St. Martins School of Art, UK), Johnny worked exclusively outside of the creative industries, finally making his short film debut in 1999. 

His most notable works to date are History of Gaming and Future of Gaming, the Radiohead film Like Spinning Plates, a series of innovative design-based commercials for Sony, Philips, Orange, MTV, and others. More recently, his short film DarkRoom, his promo works, and his film sequences for Prometheus are celebrated for the combination of gorgeous production value and sci-fi wonder. As one of the directors of RSA Films, Ridley and Tony Scott’s production company, Johnny remains firmly committed to pushing boundaries and to the pursuit of post-contemporary storytelling, whether it be through advertising, short films or, increasingly, feature films.