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playgrounds 2015 | ARTIST TALK

A visionary whose work transcends all platforms, Gmunk (Bradley G Munkowitz) has established himself as one of the top visual and design directors in the world. Mixing sci-fi themes with psychedelic visual palettes, he creates both live action and interactive experiences. Unique selling point: most of his images come about without using visual effects.

GMUNK’s portfolio spans feature films, commercials, experimental installations, music videos, graphic design, and title sequences. He worked for Vice, Adidas and Vimeo, made light installations for TrueCar and Twilio, music videos for Tycho and Eric Prydz, and concert visuals for Beck. GMUNK also contributed to Samsung’s S6 launch, designed the new logo and branding images for the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10, designed the holographic sequences for Disney’s TRON: Legacy, created the UI interface graphics featured in the Universal film Oblivion, plus too many things to mention here.