playgrounds 2013 | TITLES

Florian Raphael Panzer just graduated at the AKV St-Joost in Breda with the direction and animation of the Titles of Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival 2013.

During his study he did an internship at Sehsucht in Berlin where he worked on projects like the MTV EMA 2012. ( He got in contact with Sehsucht after their lecture at Playgrounds in 2011). Next to that he was part of the Excelence Programme at AKV St-Joost working together with Sil van der Woerd making the music video Dog Blood for Skrillex / Boysnoize.

More than 12 months he worked on the title-sequence for Playgrounds Festival 2013 in collaboration with other students and the collective of composers and sound designers SoundBreeders.

In the titles you will meet Andrew, a man who is about to discouver that you always have to be true to yourself.