filmmaker & director

Catherina Iosifidis graduated from AKV St. Joost in 2019. She wrote and directed a shortcoming-of-age film STAR. The film won the St. Joost medal and was screened at various national and international film festivals. She works as a freelance filmmaker and director.

The partners in Next: “Catharina Iosifidis stood out with her short fiction film STER for which she received the St. Joost Pennings, among others. A fiction film in which she worked with dancers and non-actors that also feels very physical. We are impressed not only by the theme and direction, but also by the visual and auditory approach that Catherina has chosen. 

In addition, Catherina is able to formulate very clear goals for her personal development in her application, and she gives a realistic view of that development. We are impressed by the very individual style, the great self-reflection and the stories they choose to tell and are excited to guide her in the next steps in her career.”