animation director and designer

Åsa Lucander is a director and designer, working in illustration, animation and graphic design, both in the UK as well as Scandinavia. She joined Aardman in 2014 where she created and dazzled audiences with numerous commercials and short films.

Originally from Finland, Åsa moved to London in 2001 and joined the famous Aardman in Bristol in 2014, where she is now based. She was first drawn to illustration and from there her passions developed towards moving images. With multi-faceted strengths in storytelling, design and animation she loves exploring various creative styles, be it in 2d, stop motion or CGI. Åsa has a passion for hand rendered drawings and explores many different textures and mediums in all areas of her work. She loves mixing humour with melancholy and thrills in bringing characters of every shape and form to life with compelling scripts and inventive visions. She nimbly blends music, authentic dialogue, film segments, hand drawn characters and dolls in innovative ways.

Åsa has crafted innovative artwork and worldwide campaigns for clients such as Change4Life, Nestle (China), BBC VR, Project Everyone, Vodafone Childline, Whitworths, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Benadryl, among others. Besides commercials she has also directed multiple shorts, including her latest award-winning short film Lost Property.

We were very excited to welcome her on the Blend 2019 stage!