playgrounds 2012 | ARTIST TALK

Alex Trochut is Barcelona’s number one graphic designer and illustrator. A few examples of companies he works for are The Guardian, Coca Cola, Converse and The Rolling Stones. Alex won several awards i.a. an ADC Young Gun and a CQ Award.

His first jobs after school were with Toormix and Vasava, perfect places for him to explore, refine and deploy his magical typographic skills. Thriving in intense merging of typography, lettering and illustration, he has created a style of his own. His work has gained him a great reputation in the design industry. Alex has the ability to use existing typefaces and manipulate them in a way that makes them feel unique, fresh and spontaneous. His work is rich with elegant, brilliantly detailed executions that simultaneously convey indulgence and careful, restrained control. Alex is driven by a desire to constantly evolve, which can be seen in his eidetic body of work.