“If you put something in front of people you never know what is really going to happen. Some people might do the exact thing you had in mind, but other might treat a certain mechanic or interaction in the game, in a completely different way that you had intended.” says Adriaan de Jongh before discussing how noticing the way some users interacted with one of his apps lead him to create another game. The artists also talk about being an independent game creator versus working with publishers, tips for achieving a more effective production experience as well as insights about how to better manage the long process of game designing. Watch the entire discussion to enjoy their insights! 

Adriaan de Jongh is a game designer best known for the indie game hit Hidden Folks, a hand-drawn interactive searching game, and for experimental games like Bounden and Fingle.

Floris Kaayk is a Dutch digital artist. His work focuses on futuristic concepts and fantasies, and visualizes technological progress, sometimes by demonstrating its advantages and at other times by presenting negative consequences. With his latest project Next Space rebels he creates an interactive experience  revolving around building DIY rockets and, at the same time, exposing real concerns about an increasingly regulated internet.    

Matthijs van de Laar is one of the co-founders of indie game company Twirlbound. Responsible for the hit games With the Wind and Pine, the company became a perfect example of how far passion and determination can take a small group of very enthusiastic but incredibly talented designers.