During this demo-talk Tan Zhi Hui talks about struggling to fit in a company he really wanted to be part of: Passion Republic, to the point where he almost lost interest in drawing. “I was still not performing well at work. I was very uncertain about my future. And then the biggest turning point of my career came when I posted images on my social media. I had nothing to lose. I could draw however I wanted. What I did is: applied what I’ve learnt at work to the way I used to draw.” He also highlights the importance of maintaining the passion for drawing burning, even if that means remaining into a comfort zone.

“We all know that to get good you have to keep drawing. There’s no shortcut. The more you draw the better you get. But what we often underestimate is how these small obstacles we face can keep you away from drawing. The more problems you have to solve, the less likely is you will continue to enjoy drawing. So this what I have learnt over the years. To develop a distinctive style it’s better to start somewhere you’re more comfortable with. Start with something you’re passionate about. You’re supposed to pick things you like to draw. And for me, in the beginning there’s nothing wrong to avoid doing things you don’t like to do.”