Blend is about mixing, mashing things up, bending genres and blending disciplines. We program artists who create progressive and innovative work in the field of digital design, film, illustration and animation. Makers that collaborate outside their field with scientists, theatre, environmental organisations, and even NASA. You name it. Expect vanguard artist talks and an insight into their work progress.

This playlist includes:

  1.  Artist talk by The Panics
  2. Interview with Golden Wolf
  3. Demo by Max Ulichney
  4. Artist talk by Beatrice Blue
  5. Artist talk by Serial Cut
  6. Artist talk by Nick Liefhebber
  7. Kitbash3d demo by Maxx Burman
  8. Artist talk by Rogier van der Zwaag
  9. Demo by Stéphane Bourez

included artists